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10+ Facts About Kenya Country

Facts About Kenya Country

Facts About Kenya Country:

Kenya is a country in the African continent, the capital of Kenya: Nairobi. Kenya, a country with 99% of its population is black, a country in which lions, elephants, bears are seen roaming everywhere, a country where middle classes people do not exist or people are very rich or too much poor.

Some interesting facts about Kenya country:

1. The history of Kenya is full of slavery, after being enslaved for 100 years, Kenya was liberated from Britain on December 12, 1963. In 1964, he adopted the constitution and declared himself a republic.

2. The scientists believe that humans originated in Kenya because the oldest remains of humans have been found here.

3. There are 2 official languages in Kenya: Swahili and English But here more than 60 local languages are spoken.

4. There is also a small part of the world’s second largest lake ‘Victoria Lake’ in clean water in Kenya. Actually, this lake falls into three countries: 6% in Kenya, 45% in Uganda and 49% in Tanzania.

5. Kenya is a big producer of coffee and most of its earnings are from this, but people here like to drink tea and beer instead of coffee.

Facts About Kenya Country

6. The currency of Kenya is Shilling. The price of a shilling is Rs. 0.68.

7. There are no official means of transport in Kenya and traveling here in van etc is like entering a 19 man in a van of 9 men.

8. In Kenya, the value of dowry starts with 10 cows.

9. In the production of Gulab flowers, Kenya is number 3 in the world. Kenya is also called ‘Flower Garden of Europe’.

10. There are about 1132 types of birds in Kenya and 342 of these birds can be seen in less than 24 hours in a single park, which is a world record in itself.

11. In Kenya, around 26 lakh people practice barefoot riding barefoot. Here you will find athletes in every home.

12. The use of natural things (air, water, trees, soil) as much as 32 people in Kenya do so by Americans alone.

13. A lawyer from Kenya offered to give 50 cows, 70 sheep, goats to Barack Obama’s family, but in Revenge, he wanted to marry Obama’s daughter.

14. The strongest law in the world is only in Kenya, on the use of plastic bags. Here, a penalty of up to 4 years of imprisonment or Rs 25 lakh can be imposed on production, sale, and use of plastic bags.

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