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20 Interesting Facts About Germany

20 Interesting Facts About Germany

Germany is one of the world’s powerful countries. World-grown wages have progressed so fast that we can not think. Let us tell you about such interesting facts about Germany, which you probably do not know. 20 Interesting Facts About Germany.

Facts about Germany

1. Germany comes second in the EU in terms of population. Its population is about 8 crores (equivalent to Andhra Pradesh of India).

2. Not one or two but Aachen, Regensburg, Frankfurt-am-Main, Nuremberg, Weimar, Bonn and Berlin have all been the capital of Germany.

20 Interesting Facts About Germany

3. The Germans begin their conversation over phone by calling their names instead of Hello.

4. In Germany, if a prisoner tries to escape from jail, he is not considered a crime because he believes that being independent is a human right.

5. There is a rule to keep the child’s name in Germany. They can not keep a name that shows gender as such: maria etc.

6. There is no speed limit on 70% of highways in Germany, but the elimination of fuel on highways is illegal.

7. The world’s first magazine was started in 1663 in Germany. And today most of the world’s books are printed in Germany.

8. Germany and Japan’s birth rate is the lowest in the world. In the last 10 years, Germany’s population decreased by 2 million.

9. It was a crime to not do Nazi salute in the reign of Hitler, but today’s Nazi salute is a crime, and it can also be a jail for 3 years.

10. More than the amount of money spent on Germany’s defense budget, Americans spend their pets on their pets.

11. In terms of beer consumption, Germany is the second largest in the world and there are 300 types of bread.

12. Germany had become quite poor in World War I, Germany had so much debt, which was worth 96,000 tonnes of gold.

13. After the First World War, the number of men in Germany was so low that only 1 out of 3 women could get husband. Meaning 350 men on 1000 women

14. In the second world war, Russia’s Red Army raped nearly 20 million German women from 13 to 70 years of age.

15. Fanta’s invention was done in Germany during World War II because it was difficult to import Coca-Cola from other countries.

16. Between 1989 and 2009, approximately 2,000 schools in Germany had to stop due to lack of children.

17. About 600 of YouTube’s top 1,000 videos have been blocked in Germany.

18. In Germany no one can say Happy B’day in Advance because it is considered to be a sign of bad luck.

19. The German army can refuse to obey its officials if they think it is against humanity.

20. Car-making BMW, AUDI, Mercedes-Benz All these are German companies. Today almost all the countries of the world use their cars.

21. In Germany, a project is under construction in which Christian churches, mosques, and temples will all be together.

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