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High CPC Keywords For Google AdSense

Know here about some high CPC keywords for Google AdSense. These keywords are the top high earning click per cost keywords.

High CPC Keywords For Google AdSense

There are some following topics or keywords for Google AdSense:

Google AdSense

  1. Insurance
  2. Loans
  3. Mortgage
  4. Attorney
  5. Credit
  6. Lawyer
  7. Donate
  8. Degree
  9. Hosting
  10. Claim

Top 100 High CPC Keywords for Insurance:

1car insurance75300000402730840.91
2auto insurance74170000451614680.95
3life insurance60153000301191620.78
4homeowners insurance5710000045779360.78
5insurance quotes779600025812090.85
6auto insurance quotes769400050982691.05
7home insurance605300040439350.83
8cheap auto insurance445200025487940.93
9term life insurance465100040412160.81
10whole life insurance254000025334570.84
11car insurance companies593500040286710.82
12life insurance quotes453500040377181.08
13motorcycle insurance423300035375111.12
14auto insurance companies593100035239730.77
15business insurance552800035237450.84
16auto insurance quotes comparison522600040200540.78
17best car insurance522400040259401.1
18aarp insurance392100025169310.8
19home insurance quotes602000045222511.1
20best auto insurance521900045222561.2
21workers compensation insurance391700025110060.66
22car insurance near me79160003094590.58
23term life insurance quotes421600045180911.13
24professional liability insurance401600040113910.72
25life insurance policy411600025108200.69
26commercial insurance51130002571990.56
27homeowners insurance quote601200045134301.11
28best homeowners insurance431200025128251.06
29cheap car insurance quotes531200025103880.86
30insurance premium18120002529920.25
31auto insurance near me12120003574310.64
32home owners insurance57110004588860.78
33small business insurance49110005097560.87
34compare auto insurance501100035135971.23
35boat insurance441100030110451
36general liability insurance46110004089140.81
37house insurance60100003075760.73
38insurance auto auctions4598003589370.91
39errors and omissions insurance3498003064750.66
40car insurance florida2496005086060.9
41commercial auto insurance3695003099461.05
42e&o insurance3790003063650.71
43affordable insurance3788002531740.36
44auto insurance comparison5387005098911.14
45life insurance rates4286003079370.92
46car insurance comparison53860030102301.19
47affordable car insurance4781004066740.82
48car insurance estimator28810035104481.29
49small business health insurance2880003590741.14
50business liability insurance4478005068910.88
51compare car insurance5378004091701.18
52free car insurance quotes6976004568600.9
53compare car insurance quotes5276004075821
54insurance company9675002528510.38
55home insurance companies4674002560040.81
56homeowners insurance quotes6073004073431
57average car insurance cost2971003538800.55
58auto insurance florida2670004564960.93
59car insurance rates5868004064860.96
60car insurance quotes online7266005070691.07
61compare auto insurance quotes5266004069931.06
62car insurance quotes comparison5264003565661.02
63compare insurance quotes5364002567391.05
64cheapest insurance3762003040360.65
65property insurance4059002530240.51
66motorcycle insurance quote4258003069041.18
67homeowners insurance cost1857002539040.68
68home insurance quote6057004071711.26
69permanent life insurance1757002547720.84
70best car insurance companies4257003585901.52
71homeowner insurance6056003042240.75
72whole life insurance quotes1955003063731.15
73best auto insurance companies4255003581791.5
74list of car insurance companies3054003039300.73
75term life insurance rates4152003053491.02
76policy number on insurance card552003024320.47
77automobile insurance7651005025880.51
78workers comp insurance3250003532770.66
79commercial general liability insurance4848004538770.8
80car insurance prices5947003033700.71
81life insurance quote4547003552271.12
82best home insurance4447002550291.08
83insurance car7246003035630.77
84home and auto insurance3446004541830.91
85life insurance quotes online4546004041650.91
86vehicle insurance7843004025600.59
87compare car insurance rates5343003053301.24
88cheap homeowners insurance2042002534930.83
89co insurance3742002516410.39
90term insurance3442002526450.63
91best term life insurance2042003049851.19
92national insurance crime bureau1142004042011.01
93missouri department of insurance941003542331.03
94gulfstream insurance841002538940.95
95compare home insurance quotes3141003045391.11
96best motorcycle insurance1740003537570.93
97cheap motorcycle insurance1740002540801.01
98buy cheap auto insurance online3940002532390.82
99car insurance california2439002536770.95

Top 100 High CPC Keywords for loan:

These are the High CPC Keywords For Google AdSense for loan.

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1home equity loan648400025700490.83
2debt consolidation loan305300035566931.07
3va loan633000035231150.77
4student loan consolidation462700025294871.08
5va home loan622600045249550.95
6student loan interest deduction292400020174130.74
7student loan refinance702400030270621.15
8mortgage loan74160002078010.49
9loan consolidation421400020106670.79
10va loan rates481300020121870.93
11home loan57110002571000.64
12first time home buyer loan5697002076950.79
13va home loan rates4270002559090.84
14small business loan5564005056740.88
15student loan refinancing7358004574001.28
16best student loan refinance7057003575731.34
17credit card consolidation loan2456002563411.13
18how to get a business loan3751002536540.72
19consolidation loan2945002039210.87
20student loan refinance calculator2944002060991.39
21home loan investment bank235002535971.03
22home owners loan corporation634002025940.76
23student loan bubble1929002531241.09
24payday loan consolidation3128002019570.7
25va home loan requirements4527002522160.81
26va loan eligibility4527002024540.91
27first time home buyers loan5625002019870.78
28home loan serv823002520730.91
29private student loan consolidation5922004028681.31
30what is a va loan5021002511760.56
31student loan refinance rates7020002525171.24
32refinance home loan6120003517910.9
33how to get a home loan6218002511530.63
34va loan closing costs2418002017190.96
35va home loan eligibility4517002516520.96
36student loan refinance companies6317003018551.11
37sofi student loan refinance2417002016951.02
38debt consolidation loan companies3317002012060.73
39how to get a home equity loan5115002011870.78
40va loan certificate of eligibility1515003015681.03
41refinance student loan7015003016441.08
42credit consolidation loan3515002016201.1
43va home loan certificate of eligibility1115003015251.05
44how much house can i afford va loan3615003020051.38
45va loan benefits2815002013800.95
46home loan pre approval6514003012180.85
47loan refinance681400259610.7
48refinance loan511400257830.57
49small business loan rates3813002512000.9
50veteran home loan6213004510140.79
51how to get a mortgage loan591300208970.71
52bill consolidation loan331300259400.75
53home loan bank6813002011160.89
54credit score for home loan521200204530.37
55loan origination221200203970.33
56service home loan2212003010420.88
57home loan savings bank012002010800.92
58getting a business loan431200307920.68
59home equity loan vs heloc411200209930.86
60peoples savings and loan811005010890.96
61navy federal va loan171100259810.88
62pickens savings and loan0110035
63yakima federal savings and loan01100259720.88
64va loan qualifications471100259520.87
65va home loan benefits371100258780.81
66pre approval home loan641100309220.85
67va home loan lenders3211004510640.99
68va house loan611100359480.89
69prequalify for home loan651000259250.92
70how to get pre approved for a home loan661000308390.86
71loan refinancing67900209090.97
72va loan lenders43900407580.82
73va loan guidelines43900259151
74credit card debt consolidation loan31900259421.04
75pre approved home loan64900309211.04
76wells fargo small business loan5800257950.94
77federal home loan bank of atlanta5800306260.74
78how to get a va loan50800357270.87
79revolving loan7800203790.47
80wells fargo student loan refinance8800258461.09
81va home loan credit score35800354350.56
82getting a home loan63800208271.08
83auto title loan26800306900.9
84how to get approved for a home loan59700254400.59
85loan consolidation companies37700204700.63
86federal home loan bank of new york25700205860.79
87va mortgage loan60700405660.79
88how much do i qualify for a home loan57700209031.26
89chase business loan3700259031.26
90business loan bad credit15700307841.11
91getting a small business loan48700306360.9
92how does a va loan work30700255160.73
93federal home loan bank of boston10700205520.79
94private loan consolidation59700308081.23
95va loan refinance38700356901.05
96how to get prequalified for a home loan63600255040.78
97small business loan interest rates41600255500.85
98va home improvement loan18600257141.11
99how to apply for a va loan53600455990.94

Conclusion “High CPC Keywords For Google AdSense”

You can use these keywords on your website and blog to increase your earning.

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