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How to Choose Cheap Web Hosting Provider?

Expert Tips: How to Choose Cheap Web Hosting Provider?

The increased rates of products and services can be seen in every sector. And this same is happening in the hosting industry. Due to the increased use of the internet, website hosting demands have also increased, and thus, the competition has begun.

Every business owner now understands the importance of having a business website regardless of the size of the business. So, when you know anyhow you are going to buy a hosting service then why not choose the cheap web hosting provider.

There are many companies present in the market that provide you best of the hosting features but at low cost. Not because they compromise on the quality of service or product, but because they have studied well about the market condition and have structured their hosting plans that will be suited for their audience.

Now you may get confused, about how you can identify that the particular company is offering good hosting services at cheap costs? This article covers some tips that may help you while choosing such a web hosting provider.

Here we go, the first tip is –

1. Know the purpose why you need a hosting :

Understanding the purpose of your hosting is very important. You must know for what type of business are you looking for a hosting solution.

Is it for the blog, business website, e-commerce website, or any other type of website?

By identifying the purpose, it becomes easy for you to move further, as you will have a clear picture of your wants and needs.

2. Understand your requirements :

Any kind of blog or website contains different features like images, videos, categories, billing section, etc. thus, it is important to note down your requirements.

Again, if you are not well versed with the technical knowledge needed for the hosting purpose then you must look for the 24/7/365 days service and the minimum of 99% uptime. This will ensure that your website is in safe hands and for any issues, your hosting provider is available for you.

3. Eliminate that is not required :

Once, you are done with your requirements gathering, you will get an idea about what you actually need and this will give you a proper guidance about how you can move forward. Now, while searching for the hosting providers, straight away eliminate the providers those don’t suit your hosting requirements. After doing this, you will have some of the creamy hosting names.

4. Head-to-head comparison :

When you have some handpicked hosting providers available, it becomes easy for you to compare them. Compare each and every aspect that you are looking for and the cost associated with them.

The important aspects that need to be considered while choosing a cheap hosting provider are –

(i) SSL certificate –

For every blog and website, it is necessary that you have an SSL certificate incorporated in it. Because the SSL certificate indicates the authenticity of your website by showing that your website or blog is virus free.

(ii) Storage disk –

It is advisable that you choose the hosting plan that has pure SSD storage because the traditional drives don’t help your website. While SSD storage makes your site to perform 200% better over other drives.

(iii) cPanel control panel –

Some of the cheap reseller hosting providers don’t give you the control panel access, so make sure that your provider gives you the access that helps you to maintain the data of your website.

(iv) Updated software versions –

While purchasing any plan, make sure that it has all the latest versions of software and offers all the updated plugins.

  1. Choose the plan –

After looking out about all the features, you must consider the plans offered by the shortlisted providers. But, before choosing any plan you read about it, like does that plan consists of all the features required by you? Also, check if the provider has made other options available for you of the plan you are looking for. The best way to do is, to reach to the provider directly. They will definitely guide you better which of their plan is a perfect match for your website. Also, try to gain more information about what current offers do they have?

This will help you to make a deal at a really low cost.

  1. Check the reviews –

If you hesitate to contact the provider directly, then you should definitely consider checking out for their customer reviews on their website, social media pages, etc. This will give you a clear picture of the genunity of your provider. You can also try contacting their current customers and clear your doubts about the company. Also, you can seek help from your friends or other relatives or connections that are already working in the same sector, they will definitely guide you better.

Must look at things before choosing a cheap hosting provider :

1) 24/7 technical support :

The hosting provider should always be available for you regardless of the day and time to try to reach them. Also, contacting them should be an easy process like through phone call, live chat or emails.

2) Money back guarantee policy :

Every confident hosting provider won’t mind giving of at least 20days money back guarantee, as they are sure about their products and services.

3) Uptime :

In order to enjoy the good user experience from your website visitor, you must look up for at least 99% of uptime, above 99% is always good.

Conclusion –

From all the above points mentioned I think, choosing a cheap hosting provider gets easy when you keep yourself ready with your hosting requirements. Also, you should always consider contacting directly to the providers as they will definitely guide you in a proper direction that will make your choice easy.

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