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How to clear cache of the computer?

Clear the cache of the computer

Hello friends, We know that always, we run so many software and applications on computer due to this our PC or Laptop speed get down. To resolve this problem, I have a manual operation to do this.

To clear the cache of your PC or Laptop follow this steps:

  • If you are using Window OS then open RUN application in your computer.
Temp folder opening through RUN
  • And write %temp% in open: box and click on ok.
  • After that a folder will open and that folder will contain so many unusual folders and files. You have to only delete these folders and files. 
  • Some folder and files may not delete then please skip it. The reason of some folder and files cannot delete because they are running at that time.

Boost and Speed up your Window 8 OS in your PC and Laptop

If you are using Window 8 the you can make Window 8 OS more fast for your PC and Laptop.
In market there are so many software to boost your PC and Laptop but if you have not any software then you can use this trick.

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