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Some Interesting & Unknown Facts About iOS (Really!)

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With a market share of 18% and a 99.6% Android share, Apple’s iOS is one of the most advanced operating systems in the world. When using a mobile device, the user has the choice between two options. It is true that Android has a large market share. However, we can not deny the importance of the iOS platform.

Every time a new iOS device starts, mobile radicals search for it. If you’re a part of it, you’ll have less time to blow up with less known, interesting and unique information on the iOS platform. Here it is!

Apple product.

1. Apple does not lead

Although everyone thinks that Apple is at the top of the iOS development zone, that’s not true. Before the advent of the iPhone, Cisco had already patented this name. The Cisco model was a VoIP protocol that allowed any Skype to call directly without using the desktop. After a first confrontation, the two companies reached an agreement and agreed to protect the rights associated with their equipment.

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2. The development of iOS App store

The App Store is one of the revolutionary offerings of the iOS platform. Players and iPhone owners can download their favorite games from the App Store. More importantly, it helps users legally download games and applications.

3. Samsung underpins IOS (Well, in an alternate way)

We know the fierce rivalry between Apple and Samsung. However, Samsung is the manufacturer of the smart chips of the iPhone. Despite the current rivalry Apple could not cede this contract to Samsung. It’s actually a unique revelation on the iOS platform.

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4. In the texts

Apple has changed the lyrics to communicate in a simple and easy way. Sending a text message to someone is easier and more convenient than calling a person. All this is due to Apple and its iOS devices. Sending a text message is no longer a difficult test and you would like to do it!

5. Mind boggling deals number

Do you know the sales figures that iOS devices collected in 2011? Well, he will tell you a lot about his market value. According to market statistics, 156 million devices were purchased by users. Compared to Mac PC sales, the operating system seems to be a clear winner. If you look at the sales figures of the last 28 years, you know that Mac PCs are back!

6. Progressive iOS development

The iPhone is one of the largest mobile searches so far. In 2007, this special tool received the title of Invention of the Year. ‘

7. Many patents

Apple has 200 patents for the iPhone. It’s like a lot of tasks that are built into a device. The unique and innovative technology of this device makes it a revolutionary offering for the operating system.

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These interesting facts speak volumes about the platform and its main unit. Now you know why the iPhone is so popular!