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All About OnPage SEO | Introduction & Techniques

What is Onpage SEO?

Onpage seo is important for bringing any website or blog to a higher rank in search engines and to increase organic traffic from search engines.

OnPage SEO comes with all the things that a site is used to optimize for search engines, to crawl and index webpages.

To understand OnPage SEO easily, first you need to know about SEO, what is SEO and what’s the work?

Process to increase visibility in the search engine of a blog or website is called seo or search engine optimization.

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SEO is mainly divided into two parts:

  1. OnPage SEO
  2. OffPage SEO

Website promotion, link building and many other things related to it are called off-page SEO. Many people understand off the page seo only by link building, but it is more than that.

On Page SEO, all the actions that come on the website i.e. site owner is the process of increasing rank in webpage & content’s search engine.

OnPage SEO How to:

People who have good and relent content on a blog or website can be helpful.
Write a blog post to help people, not the search engine. However, keep in mind that keywords have been used correctly in the post so that search engines can easily understand the post content.

Be sure to add internal and external links to the blog post. Just add links to the same posts that are on the relay.

Use the images, videos, and infographics for visual content in the post.
Hopefully the help of understanding on Page SEO.

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