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Stylish CSS Horizontal Menu For Blogger

Set a stylish CSS menu bar for Blogger or Blogspot website

If you want to set stylish and cool CSS menubar on your Blogger or Blogspot website then here is a code for you that helps you to set this menubar on your website.

Simply you have to follow some steps for CSS menubar:

  • Open your www.blogger.com and login with your email and password.
  • Select your blogger blog and click on Layout.
  • Please remove old page menu from top of layout.
  • Just click on Add Gadget on top of blog layout.
  • Put this code in the box of HTML/JAVASCRIPT

To copy the code click on this link https://jpst.it/GVxS

Script code for CSS menubar.

  • You have to only edit the hyperlinks and just save it.
  • And finally you did the work of CSS menubar for your blog.

If you have any problem related with CSS menubar please write comment.