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5 Tools to Create Videos in Minutes

Would you believe that there are tools to develop videos in less than 5 minutes? We will present five of them in this article.

People all over the world are watching billions of hours of content on Facebook and YouTube every day. For international users of Facebook, the increase in published videos has an annual growth rate of 75%; and as for YouTube, it receives more than one billion unique visitors every month. The average time that people spend on YouTube is 40 minutes.

Living in a digital age with information overload, it is essential for businesses to offer content that captures attention.

To have successful videos you always have to take into account the audience that a business is trying to reach and make sure that the content is relevant to them. If not, you’re probably wasting your time.

90% of the information transmitted to the brain is VISUAL, and our brains process that information 60,000 times faster and more effectively than the text. The human brain remembers 80% of what it sees and does, 20% of what it reads and only 10% of what it hears.

Why is creating videos in your content marketing so important?

If the statistics do not convince you or you need more reasons to consider video marketing, here are 2 fundamental reasons to do so:

Videos build trust with potential customers.

Emotions are contagious – videos spread emotions. One can see body language and emotion through the video that there is no way to notice when reading the text.

But when it comes to creating videos for a business, which tools are the best? Keep reading to learn 5 tools and start creating your own attractive videos to improve the results.

Five tools to make videos in minutes.

Would you believe that there are tools to develop videos in less than 5 minutes? We will present five of them in this article. Best online video creator.

1. Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark Video is an easy-to-use tool to create animated videos that tell a story. It is available as on the web and mobile devices.

The great thing about Spark Video is that it allows you to create stories in the form of compelling animated video in a few minutes without any design experience. Changes are saved automatically.

To begin, visit https://spark.adobe.com/ and log in with Facebook, Google or Adobe.

You can start creating videos from scratch or use one of the Adobe Spark templates. It allows you to select among templates. When you finish creating a video, you can share it on social networks, by email or embed it on a web page. Or you can download it to publish on YouTube.

2. FlexClip

FlexClip facilitates the transformation of photos and videos into edited movies, with music and text, in a matter of minutes. This tool is available online and for Windows.

FlexClip allows you to create videos very fast and easy using clips and photos that you already have on your hard drive. It empowers you to add music, texts, and voice-overs and then download it for using anywhere. The use of FlexClip is free. With a free account, you can create videos of 5 minutes in the resolution of up to 1080p.

3. Animoto

Animoto allows you to create movies using images and videos that you have on your computer. There are several templates that can be used to create videos. The payment option has additional features such as music, analytics and allows you to add your logo. It is free for 14 days; with several paid versions with prices starting at 9.9 dollars per month. The videos can be shared by email, Twitter and Facebook. Animoto allows you to upload videos only with the paid version.

You can start creating videos from scratch (choose your own colors, styles, and frames to suit your business) or adapt one of the available templates.

4. WeVideo

WeVideo is another video editor that helps create inspirational stories of images or audio. Images can be cut, and audio files can be edited. It is available as a mobile app and on the web.

5. PowToon

With PowToon you will create animated videos and presentations as easily as with PowerPoint. The differential value of this editor is that it uses drawings and animated illustrations to explain concepts, which will be very attractive for your students.

PowToon is very simple to use, just drag the elements that you want to include to the work screen. It also includes predefined templates to make the job easier. It has a free version that allows tasting videos of 5 minutes long.

Your turn, what kind of video content do you create for your social networks and website? What tools to create video have you tried? Have you used any of the tools mentioned? Which is your favorite? Please let us know in the comments, or you can subscribe to the content of the site to receive this in the comfort of your mail.