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Top 10 Waterfalls of the World

Amazing top 10 waterfalls of the world

10. Sutherland Falls (580m)

We can find Sutherland waterfalls at Fiorland Natioal Park in New Zealand. Popular stuffs about the waterfall are the beautiful panorama, monstrous stream, and the Milford track. If you love to walk on a beautiful track that you never saw before, Milford track is the place

9. Dettifoss (44m tall)

Dettifoss is rising 44 meters tall and spanning 100 meters. The waterfalls stream is rough and thunderous. You can hear the roar since you arrive at Jökulsárgljúfur National Park, Iceland. It delivers 500 cubic meters of water per second starts from Vatnajökull glacier to the sea.

8. Gullfoss (Iceland)

Gullfoss is a famous 2 tiered beds waterfalls in Iceland. The first tier drop is 11 meter high and the second drop is 21 meters. In the past, the water was almost converted to be a hydroelectric power plan site. Luckily, the plan was failed

7. Kaieteur Falls (Guyana)

Outside of the struggle you should invest to reach the site, Kaieteur Falls is a magnificent place. It is iconic site located at Postaro river, Guyana. The height is 221 meters tall and it is spanning 100 meters wide. The current is one of the strongest in the world after Iguazu, Niagara and Victoria falls

6. Yosemite falls

Yosemite Falls is famous as one of the tallest fall in the world. The stream is rising 2425 feet and we can find it at Yosemite National Park. Only In summer, the waterfall is streaming normal. Make sure you visit it on a right time.

5. Angel Falls (Salto Ángel)

Angel falls has local nickname Auyantepuy or devil’s mountain. The waterfalls plunges 979 meters and it has countless histories and legends behind it. Location of the waterfall is at rain forest national park of Canaima, Venezuela.

4. Plitvice Waterfalls (Croatia)

Plitvice waterfall is located at Nortern Dalmatia, southern of Zagreb. Plitvie waterfall is circled by 2 beautiful lakes and zoos. The waterfall plunges 70 meters down and long beautiful boardwalks beautify and connect different location around the area.

3. Niagara fall (Ontario, Canada/New York, USA)

No doubt, Niagara Fall might be the most visited waterfall in the world. It has complete infrastructure, accommodation and tourist can enjoy the grace and beauty of the site safely. For centuries, Niagara fall is one of the most attractive tourist objects in North America.

2. Victoria Falls

Name Victoria was born from the idea of David Livingstone who saw the beautiful waterfall in 1855. Victoria fall is part of Zambezi River and it plunges 108 meters deep to the bed of narrow Gorge. Victoria fall has powerful current and we could see it from the mist that wind has blown from the site. We can see it 11 km from the center of site.

1. Iguazu Falls (Paraguay)

Iguazu fall stands for big water. It spans 3 km wide, composes 275 waterfalls and flows millions gallons everyday to the Iguazu river. Every second, the waterfall streams 1.3 million liters of water from the upper grown of Paraguay.

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