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Top 5 Best OCR Text Scanner Apps For Android

Top 5 Best OCR Text Scanner Apps For Android. Convert photo's text in editable. About top 5 Android applications which helps you to convert text images into text format.

What is OCR?

Top 5 Best OCR Text Scanner Apps For Android: Optical character recognition (likewise optical character peruser, OCR) is the mechanical or electronic transformation of pictures of composed, manually written or printed content into machine-encoded content, regardless of whether from a checked report, a photograph of a record, a scene-photograph (for instance the content on signs and bulletins in a scene photograph) or from caption content superimposed on a picture (for instance from a transmission).

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Best text scanner OCR Android applications for your phone.

There are top five text scanner which helps to convert image into text format.

1. Smart Lens – OCR Text Scanner, QR code reader

Smart Lens – Text Scanner OCR help you simple to change over picture to content: check and interpret report, filter and identify telephone number, email, site url, business card, and so on… with high precision in a couple of moments seconds !!! 
Presently joined with QR code and standardized identification scanner, Smart Lens is novel peruser application you requirement for your day by day work. 
Smart Lens – OCR content scanner spares time and gives accommodation to clients by enabling them to take photographs of content as opposed to interpreting it. 
Attempt to duplicate by composing a long number, a mind boggling url, or a contact with a considerable measure of data? Sounds outdated! Presently you have Smart Lens – Text Scanner.

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2. Text Fairy (OCR Text Scanner)

Top 5 Best OCR Text Scanner Apps For Android
  • Changes over a picture to text. 
  • Rectify the perspective of a picture. 
  • Alter extricated text. 
  • Duplicate extricated text into the clipboard for use in different applications. 
  • Convert the filtered page into PDF. 
  • Perceives printed text from in excess of 50 dialects. 
  • Free and no advertisements.

3. Text Scanner [OCR]

Top 5 Best OCR Text Scanner Apps For Android
  • When you get to the URL or telephone number written in magazines or pamphlets, 
  • it’s extremely difficult to include the URL or telephone number by the console. 
  • So please utilize Text Scanner [OCR]! 
  • Since it consequently perceive the characters from a picture, 
  • it’s conceivable to access to the URL or telephone number quickly! 
  • When you record the reminder composed on the chalkboard or white board, 
  • it’s extremely troublesome to transcript it by the console. 
  • Yet, you can do it effortlessly by Text Scanner [OCR]! 
  • It’s conceivable to record substance instantly!

4. OCR Text Scanner

Top 5 Best OCR Text Scanner Apps For Android

Features of Text Scanner:

  • Extract Text On Image
  • Translate text to over 100+ languages
  • Copy – Text on Screen
  • Crop and Enhance image before OCR.
  • Edit & Share OCR result.
  • Scan history.

5. Text Scanner – OCR – Image To Text – TextScanner

Top 5 Best OCR Text Scanner Apps For Android
TextScanner is an OCR application that gives you a chance to swing pictures to live content effortlessly. Perceive content from a picture with high exactness! OCR (Optical Character Recognition) innovation is an approach to perceive message on a picture.  Alter point of view and fringes, apply channels, modify splendor and complexity.


If I talk about all these applications. So most of these would be the best Smart Lens application. Because I have used it myself. Due to it’s a premium version so I would like to say that you can use its free version too. But for this you will be allowed to scan only three to four days a day. Hope this information will be good for you.