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Write Awesome Articles on Blogs as a College Student

Start Your Own Blog as a College Student for Blogging

Write Awesome Articles on Blogs as a College Student

Hey, friends!
With this article, I want to help most of the college students out there who want to have their own Blog, who don’t know how to manage their time or they don’t have a proper plan for that. This article would be more helpful for college students in particular.

There are many students in college who know a lot of things that they want to share with the people around the world.

They also have lots of tricks, facts, information, etc. that they want to share but the only problem they get is finding the platform for that, having a website for that or managing their time for all these things.

Having your own blog provides you with a great platform to share your knowledge about different fields.

Okay so now, let’s start with few points that you must keep in your mind before starting your own blog while you’re studying in college.

1. Try to have a small team

Blogging: Try to have a small team

It is very important to have a team of like two or three people. Talking from my own personal experience I would say, do not have a team of too many people but two to three members team would be very helpful.

It is important to have a team because when you are in college you have lots of other things to do like assignments, exams, tests etc.. So you cannot do everything alone and that will cause a break in the workflow and trust me it is very important to have a continuity with your work if you have your own blog.

So having a team of 2-3 people would be very helpful if you are planning to take blogging as a serious business in your life or as a career.

2. Never waste your studies for blogging

Blogging: Never waste your studies for blogging

Many people blog for fun or as their hobby. They like to do it because it is one of the best ways to involve yourself in some fruitful work.

So, if you’re blogging just because it is your hobby or it is providing you good money then it is very important that you do not, at any cost, waste your study time or some other important learning time in your college.

In college, having good marks and having a knowledge of your subject is very important, that is the only thing that’s going to help you in finding a good job. So, you can blog for a few hours every day but studies must have major hours in your timetable.

3. Involve your college Juniors/Seniors/Friends

Write your own blog as a college student. How to earn money as a student through blogging. Tricks and tips to earn money through blogging as a student.

One of the best things of having a blog while you are in your college is that you can involve your friends, juniors or seniors to write for your blog.

Give them a chance if they are good or if they have something useful to tell.

Manage them and request or ask them to write for you. Tell them about the advantages of blogging and how they can be a successful blogger.

4. Take ideas from your college surrounding or friends

Blogging: Take ideas from your college surrounding or friends

When you are in college, you explore a lot of new things. You also study or get to know about many new subjects.

So, these all things can help you in finding new ideas for your blogs or can help you in sharing something very unique and useful with your readers.

Also, your friends and colleagues at your college give you many new and good ideas or information. So, always be a good listener and take ideas from them to write your articles.

5. Make proper use of your time

Make proper use of your time

While you are in college, you have all the time in the world to do many different works. So, if you are into blogging, READ as much as you can about it. Go to your college library, read books related to that. You must also read about how to make your website more interesting and attractive? Read some very good blogs online. So, make proper use of your spare time in college and use it in your blogging work.

6. Spread/Share your blogs in your college

To promote or advertise anything or any product, college is most probably one of the best places. You can make very good use of your college to share your blogs. Ask all your friends or colleagues to read your articles. Tell them to share it on the Internet, ask them to give their feedbacks, subscribe to your blogs etc..

7. Domain name and content

Selection of the domain name and deciding about the content of your articles is also very important as a college student. As a college student, you want to connect yourself more with the young audience, so select your domain name accordingly like something to which young people will connect to, in order to increase the traffic and in the same way select an interesting field to write on.

8. Use Blogger, initially

If you are very new to blogging and have started it for the first time then I would say as a college student you must start with using BLOGGER to write your articles, initially. It teaches you a lot and helps in improving your blogging knowledge. After a certain time, you can switch yourself to WordPress, etc., to be more professional.

9. Teach your juniors or friends

When you’ve become a pro in the world of blogging and you have very good knowledge about every important thing related to blogging, then it’s your time to teach your colleagues about it and help them to set up their own website of blogging, if they are interested. Teach them about how to write a good blog, Alexa ranks, web technology etc.
Because sharing is caring.

So these are some few points that I thought I must share with you all because as a college student I feel there are many questions that a person has in his/her mind regarding blogging. If you have your questions or queries, then comment below in the comment box, we’ll reply to you as soon as possible.

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